About Ashu

Ashu is a native of City of Pune in Maharashtra state of India. Pune is known for its cultural heritage in the field of drama, dance, music.

Ashu started her dance career at a young age of 6 years. Her initial Guru (teacher) is her own mother in India.

Ashu is a Bachelor of Performing Arts, specialized in Bharatnatyam from University of Pune, Maharastra, India, Sangit Prabhakar from Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India and Nrutya Zankar Sangit Academy.
She is a recipient of National Talent Research Scholarship and former dancer and Choreographer for ‘Sumit’ and ‘T-Series’ company in India. She founded ‘Nupur Nrutyala’ (a dance school) in Tanzania.

Teaching dance and Performing is a passion of Ashu. To fulfill this passion Ashu has travelled globally and performed in various parts of the world, namely India, Europe and Africa. 

During past years she has given more than 20 individual performances and many more group performances with Maya Sapera Dance Company, Ghent, De dans Ruh by Annick Baillieu, Sara Tala, Nrutra Brussels, Zalak Punjabdi and Bhartiya Samaj. She has organized innumerable workshops and choreographed many dance events in Belgium, Africa and India.

The spirit, soul and passion behind Ashu's work is unmatched in its professional excellence and artistic maturity and shine. Ashu’s dance and events is manned by artists of very high caliber and artistic creativity.